How Do You Measure An Attorneys’ Expertise?

There are many attorneys in North Carolina who represent people in workers’ compensation cases. How can you tell the attorneys apart?

You should first ask if the attorney is a certified workers’ compensation specialist. The North Carolina State Bar, the government agency that licenses attorneys in North Carolina, certifies a select group of attorneys as workers’ compensation specialists. To be eligible to seek this certification, an attorney must have substantial trial experience handling all aspects of workers’ compensation claims at all levels of the litigation process. Attorneys who avoid trial and always settle cannot be eligible for specialist certification. Additionally, to be a specialist, an attorney must pass a rigorous and difficult exam covering all areas of workers’ compensation law and practice. Finally, to be a specialist, an attorney must stay current on the frequent changes in workers’ compensation law by completing substantial continuing legal education courses in workers’ compensation each year.

So how do we stack up? Every attorney in our firm is a Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law. We are not afraid to litigate cases. We have litigated and won hundreds of workers’ compensation claims at all levels of the litigation process, including before the North Carolina Supreme Court. Many of the cases we have won at the appellate courts have set important, frequently cited, legal precedents such as the case of Adams v. AVX, 349 N.C. 676, 509 S.E.2d 411 (1998).

We have been certified as workers’ compensation specialists for a combined twenty-four years. Mr. Bertics is on the NC State Bar committee that designs and grades the workers’ compensation specialty exam, necessary for certifying specialists. All of the attorneys in our firm are heavily involved in not only participating in extensive workers’ compensation continuing legal education, but also teaching these courses. Mr. Lennon and Mr. Camak teach paralegals at Meredith College how to handle support work in workers’ compensation cases. We have expertise in spades. Let us put it to work for you in your case today!