The Long Wait for a SSA Disability Hearing – Really?

FACT: THOUSANDS of American taxpayers die every year before they can even get a hearing with a judge on their disability claims.

DISCUSSION: These people PAID FICA TAXES over their working career to be insured for retirement (and disability if their health deteriorated before retirement age). The Social Security Administration has already been chronically underfunded for years even though it was well known the baby boomer generation was on the way and in need of their services. It can now take OVER TWO YEARS to get a disability hearing on your case. How many of us can survive that long without the ability to work and not lose everything worked for in a lifetime? This is an outrage, yet most of our elected officials just want to reduce SSA funding and talk about fraud. No one likes fraud and improved efficiency can certainly be had, but we also need to let our elected officials know the current wait-time is NOT acceptable. How many houses need to be foreclosed on, cars repossessed, marriages fail or people DIE waiting on a hearing before the message is received? Make improvements and then spend what is necessary to deliver on the promise made to these citizens many years ago.